Facultad de Ciencias UNAM, 
Mexico City.   
31 July- 4 August 2017

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Federico Sánchez Bringas


The week after the Conference we are organizing a mini-school in Geometry and Singularities celebrating the twenty years of the Geometry  Seminar of our Department.    

We are pleased to invite young researchers, graduate students to take part on it.


School on Geometry and Singularities
“El DiferenciaHable,  20 years later”
7-9 August 2017

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We invite you to see our youtube channel Difference in Geometry Seminar

  The seminar DIFFERENTIABLE IN GEOMETRY fulfilled, 20 years of periodically divulging in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM, research results in the areas of Differential and Dynamic Geometry. Its mission was to disseminate these results to a public constituted mainly by advanced students of the bachelor's degree, as well as for non-specialist teachers interested in these areas. We are grateful to our exhibitors who, accustomed to disseminating their results in specialist research seminars, have made an extra effort to adapt their lectures to our student audience. In this way, due to their generosity, they have been transmitted during these years to an audience of more than 700 people, mostly young people, the charm, the beauty and even the magic of a part of the mathematics that surrounds us in our environment. We are convinced that these conferences for their richness of themes, styles and images have influenced many of our students for several generations so that some of them, curious about this knowledge finally decided to direct their training and work towards these issues. It has been registered the participation of 55 researchers from various institutions, both national and foreign, some of which have done so on several occasions, thus showing, in a total of 75 lectures, the wealth of results that are generated in our environment. To all of them we extend a grateful and very significant recognition for the knowledge they have given to the participants of this seminar and invite them to continue participating in the dissemination of their work that enriches the environment of our environment. For more information about the seminar, it is suggested to consult the page of the Department of Mathematics. Eugenio Garnica Vigil and Federico Sánchez Bringas Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, UNAM.